VW T5 v 2.0

FS19 mods

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About mod:
- Power 300 hp
- Speed 120 km/h
- Selectable Design: Body, Polizei, Zoll
- FS19 Material System installed
- Internal Lighting installed
- Front Flashers, Bars and RUL
- Horn controllable via the "N" key
- Animated Tailgate and Sliding Door
- FS19 Universal Passenger installed
- Lots of Details and High Resolution Textures

Price 45000 €

Version 2.0:
* FS19 Material System installed
- Interior Lighting installed
- Lights adjusted (Pale of Light Levels)
- Horn replaced and can now be controlled using the "N" key
- New Bar with matching Blue Light
- Body exchangeable between Body, Police and Customs
- Police have now received a Rear Warning UV
- New Details installed
- Decals renewed
- Textures renewed (and unimportant deleted)
- New Shop Icon
- Adapted Driving Behavior
- Jerking released when braking
- Steering Wheel (extended Angle)
- Exhaust Gases Offset
- Tires replaced
- Driver's Height changed


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