Wood Chipper Xylochip 500T v 1.0

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About mod:

This machine breaks trunks into woodchips. With storage silo. Works with the BsM Truck 850 Hook.

Blacksheep Modding

2 thoughts on “Wood Chipper Xylochip 500T v 1.0

  • Camren says:
    2018-04-14 at 16:50

    Works very well; this thing REALLY needs sides so the logs don’t roll off!!!!

    Works best when logs are 3-4m in length. Use the Wheel loader Magsi log claw to support the logs when you turn it on.

  • RWFrazerjr says:
    2018-04-17 at 02:34

    Just got this on console, why is there such a discrepancy in the yield I get from large trees? My low was exactly 5000 liters, 7,216, 19,285, but I’ve also got the standard 26-28k literally per tree. Im not sure what the issue is. When I use the Jenz BA 725 D I don’t seem to have anything close to that kind of discrepancy. I love this one because transport is easy, loading is really easy and it will take a full tree loaded fat end first. (Don’t typically do that but it can). Other than the discrepancy in yield which is way too far off and happening too often to use it right now, the only other thing I wish this had was an option for side rails when working with smaller logs.

    Please HELP, this needs fixed and it would be perfect.

    Btw, though I had lost some when it stopped unloading but I tried over 15 trees and can’t get a good avg because the spread is so far apart for the yield.

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