Wood Crusher v 1.1 Multicolor

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wood-crusher-1 wood-crusher-2

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About mod:
Version 1.1:
* The problem of not seeing the woods on the ground was partly eliminated


3 thoughts on “Wood Crusher v 1.1 Multicolor

  • ponpon says:
    2016-12-09 at 22:44

    la buse ne détecte que par intermittence les bennes ; a revoir svp sinon super mod

  • marmotte07 says:
    2016-12-12 at 21:17

    Beau gadget, s’il fontionnerait bien…
    Il bug souvent…
    Du potentiel mais a retravailler!!!

  • ken clark says:
    2016-12-13 at 01:00

    I tried this and does not work at all.
    1. will not process trees at all.
    2. will not shut off, even when turning it off.
    3. Warning: Invalid wheelIndex ‘3’ in ‘C:/Users/ken/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Wood_Crusher_by_db_v1_0/crusher.xml’
    4. does not lower right, front of machine goes in the ground thru map.

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