XL Farms X3 Map v

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About mod:
* New relief based on real topography
* Review and complete replanning of the main farm
* Complete review of all points of sale and prices and variations based on the original
* Added greater capacity for fruit storage with cost of 0.001 / L
* New ambiance and detailed decoration
* Object Optimization
* New mountains and extreme borders at the edges of the map
* Correction of various bugs


3 thoughts on “XL Farms X3 Map v

  • Florin12 says:
    2018-05-12 at 15:52

    e tare mapa?

  • Thomas says:
    2018-05-31 at 13:09

    Very bad map. It lags terribly to the point you cannot play. It has, obviously, huge, relly huge fields, no animals at all and there are fields of two sizes. All fields of each size are identical and perfect squares. Very unrealistic and boring map.

  • Thomas says:
    2018-05-31 at 13:12

    …in addition, yo start with no vehicles, no fields and only 20K bucks with fields costing much much more than that. So, you cannot play unless you use a money cheat mod.

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