Zunhammer TS 10000 KE v

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About mod:
Turbo Barrels are filled with a foreign pump from above. A continuous stirring screw conveys the manure backwards to the turbine. The PTO driven turbine presses the liquid via a riser pipe to the distributor. Due to the pointed wedge shape of the tank trough, no sediments remain in the tank. Optionally, the turbo tankers are delivered with top or bottom hitch. As an alternative to filling from above, a lateral filling connection can also be ordered in order to fully press the tank from below with an external pump - an advantage, in particular with highly foaming manure.

- Capacity 10000 liters
- Working width 10 meters
- Working speed 17 km/h

Price 17600 €

* Support for Manure System

Schauppi, Fabian/Gogobear, GMaster

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